Takoda Tei & Tiana Kiku 's Page
Takoda & Tiana, this website is dedicated to your return home in Portland, Oregon USA. It contains many of the issues and links to issues that are preventing your return. On January 16th 2004, your mother Kyoko Oda abducted you to Japan and cut off all communication between you and me, your biological father. You have been abducted and held illegally by Japan. Unfortunately you are not alone; thousands of children just like you are also being held by Japan and other foreign nations. Takoda and Tiana your human rights have been violated having no access to your biological father.

Takoda & Tiana please come home to see me. I miss you and I am getting old…. Love Mia (your cat)."
A Message to my children Takoda & Tiana Weed

Your dad misses you and loves you both very much. You have family and friends that also love you and miss you very much. I am putting this information on a web site so you know the truth about why you cannot see your father. Please contact me at: bweed6@hotmail.com or through the NCMEC at: www.missingkids.com phone 1-703-274-3900. You can trust these people. If you do a Google search for your names at www.google.com you can see that so many people are looking for you also.

A Message from Grandma and Grandpa Taylor

May 24, 2010
Dear Takoda and Tiana
I am your Michigan, USA Grandmother, your Father's mother. It has been 6 1/2 long years since the last time I saw or heard from you, my Grandchildren. I will never forget, Takoda, when you use to call me with enthusiasm said, "Hi, Grandma Taylor" . 3 year old Tiana was still learning English. I remember the last time I saw you two, all the fun we had playing up on the playground and going to McDonalds. Your Great-Grandmother and I sent cards and letters to you that have been "refused" and then mailed back to me, unopened. Please contact me, if you can. jtaylor5@att.net . I miss being a part of your life and we could have such fun together. Grandpa and I hope you are happy and well. We think about you all the time and would love to see you, or at least hear from you.
We love you and always will,
Grandma and Grandpa Taylor

         BASIC FACTS:
  • Since March 1994 - June 2010 there have been 374 reported children abducted to Japan from the U.S.A. The actual numbers may be much higher.
  • There are thousands of children internationally abducted to Japan within the past 10 years!
  • Japan took 34 years to sign the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.
  • Japan sanctions International Child Abduction.
  • To date not a single case of recovery has been made through diplomatic means between Japan and the United States.
  • Japan does not recognize previously established jurisdiction and child custody orders of any other country.